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Fusion Garage's Grid 10 tablet clears the FCC, begs us not to call it the 'JooJoo 2'


If at first you don't succeed, discontinue your product, carry on a lawsuit, and then try again. That's the story thus far for Fusion Garage, the company behind the failed JooJoo tablet, an overpriced, hard-to-use slate that proudly omitted all the things people like about tablets -- you know, like apps. After the underwhelming sales figures started rolling in, Chandrashekar Rathakrishnan, the company's founder, admitted that perhaps some people might sometimes be interested in doing things other than surf the web. That was the end of JooJoo, though he promised, ominously, that we hadn't seen the last of Fusion Garage. Well, here we are: the troubled company just sent another tablet through the FCC, and no, it's not called the "JooJoo 2." Rather, this one's dubbed the "Grid 10" -- a likely attempt on Fusion Garage's part to distance itself as much as possible from its embarrassing (and messy) entrance into the tablet market. For now, though, that's near-impossible, especially given that this FCC report contains precious few details about what this thing will be capable of. No word either on when the JooJoo will rise from the grave as an Android-running zombie, but our guess is that apocalyptic day is nigh.

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