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Scratch one grub (card)! Gears of War board game headed to retail


Remember back in April when you were enjoying the Gears of War 3 beta, chainsawing through a locust's face, and your buddy was all, "Wouldn't this be great if it were a board game instead?" We've been meaning to ask -- does your buddy work for Fantasy Flight Games? Oh, he does? That makes a lot more sense, because his company is totally making a board game based on the Gears of War series.

"Gears of War: The Board Game" will arrive in August -- the 31st, claims Amazon -- for $80, but we'd be doing you a sincere injustice to go into any more detail. Instead, we'd like to refer you to the video above, which features a sandpaper-throated gentleman detailing the game in a very serious manner. Enjoy.

[Thanks Josh!]

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