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Selling custom Halo armor to the Pawn Stars is out of this guy's Reach


The importance of nerdom in public society has increased exponentially in the past decade, with the video game industry now producing over $25 billion in annual revenue alone. Ask any random group of cosplayers at San Diego Comic-Con what the above completely customized, electronic Halo MJOLNIR Assault Armor suit is worth, and they'd probably guess in the thousands. According to the experts at History Channel's Pawn Stars, they'd be wrong.

This Halo fan is hoping to score a humble $2,000 for his spectacular suit, but the Pawn Stars won't go a cent over $200, crushing his dreams and possibly losing him a girlfriend. We salute you, Halo Hero, for testing the waters in popular society for nerds everywhere. We'll be sure to keep our fetishes in convention halls and caves -- for now.

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