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From Dust PC gets Ubisoft DRM, Steam pre-purchase bonus

Jordan Mallory

For being such wildly different games, From Dust and Driver: San Francisco sure have a lot in common. They were both recently delayed, for example, and now news has hit that From Dust will follow Driver's lead by making use of Ubisoft's ubiquitous "Ubisoft Online Service" digital rights management platform.

Unlike Driver, however, no announcement was made regarding From Dust's DRMyness; Steam's now-live pre-purchase page unceremoniously broke the news to the PC gaming community. The controversial DRM platform requires a permanent internet connection in order to play any game it governs, and while the company has loosened restrictions on high-profile games in the past, it's unclear whether or not history will repeat itself. For now, take solace in knowing that your pre-purchase will net you a "Mask of the Shaman" item for Team Fortress 2.

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