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Samsung SPH-M930 gets its wings at the FCC

Zachary Lutz

In a few short days, Boost Mobile's latest QWERTY slider has made significant progress toward legitimizing itself in the marketplace. Thanks to a nod from the FCC, customers hating contracts and loving keyboards will soon be able to step into the world of Android, an OS that Sprint's subsidiary has barely acknowledged (the Samsung Prevail and Motorola i1 being the documented exceptions). There's no support for iDEN's walkie-talkie, and just a basic HVGA display along with a simple 2 megapixel camera, but at least the handset boasts a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 Snapdragon SoC. We're not quite sure why Samsung decided against using its homegrown 1GHz Hummingbird S5PC110 CPU, but we're betting you're more concerned with pricing and availability, right? Sadly, that's not the FCC's job, so we'll just have to wait for the official PR.

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