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Is Windows Media Center not dead after all?

Ben Drawbaugh

When Microsoft dissolved the eHome team that developed Media Center and renamed the MVP program to Windows Entertainment and Connected Home, there was some serious questions about the future of the product. While that question won't really be answered until September, when Microsoft is expected to reveal the feature complete beta at the company's Build Conference, a few leaked screen shots at show the same old Windows 7 Media Center running on Windows 8. We can't saw we're surprised, since all indications are that Windows 8 will be a dot-one release, in terms of compatibility with Vista and 7, so there's really no reason for Microsoft to pull it. We're not the only one who'd be surprised to see new features though, as everyone we know seems to agree it would be silly to think otherwise. The real scary\sad thing is that Windows 7 has been out for almost two years, and no other DVR has managed to match many of its features.

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