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Ice-T dropping new Gears of War 3 track tonight on G4 [update: And here it is!)

Music legend and adroit crime-solver Ice-T is a man of many, many talents, as evidenced by the very first part of this sentence, during which we explained that he is a music legend who solves crimes. Need further proof, for some inexplicable reason? The beverage-named gentleman, alongside his temporarily reunited musical outfit Body Count, will debut his newest music video on tonight's episode of X-Play: "Horde 2.0: Five Against All," a song inspired by Gears of War 3, which also features Ice-T's voice acting talents.

We'll try to grab the video once it airs tonight on G4TV at 6:30 p.m. ET. Until then, we'll work tirelessly to corroborate these rumors that Ice-T did some of the programming on the fifth level of Gears 3, and also wrote a good hundred or so pages of the game's script.

Update: Find the, uh, "music video" after the break.

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