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Rumor: TERA's Korean development director resigns

Jef Reahard

If the rumors are true (and we'd like to stress that these are simply rumors as of press time), Bluehole Studio is undergoing something of a shakeup following the less-than-stellar showing of its TERA MMORPG in Korea.

Hyun-Kyu Park, TERA's executive director, has reportedly left the development firm due to an as-yet undetermined internal conflict. Our sources in Korea tell us that Park locked horns with other senior Bluehole executives due to his desire to postpone the game's open beta earlier this year. At the time, Park stepped down from his role as TERA's chief producer to become a producer on a forthcoming Bluehole title but is now rumored to have left the firm entirely.

TERA launched in Korea on January 25th and Bluehole began merging servers earlier this summer. Massively has contacted En Masse Entertainment, TERA's North American publisher, and is awaiting a response.

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