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Tales of Fantasy expansion brings new PvP and dungeon content

Jef Reahard

Tales of Fantasy has a new expansion on the way, and Veil of Darkness is all about the PvP. A new IGG press release has given us a bit of a heads-up on the new content which centers around an area known as Coiling Hollow.

The hollow is basically a PvP-enabled zone where players can engage in wanton slaughter without fear of a death penalty (and rack up a bunch of honor points for disposing of members of the opposing faction).

That's not all, as Coiling Hollow also features something of a mother lode when it comes to loot. IGG tells us that the Serpent Shrine adventure area is "filled with the discarded treasure of a thousand warriors who dropped everything and ran for the exit," presumably due to the unimaginable horrors contained within. While there's no definitive release date for the Veil of Darkness content as of yet, you can keep an eye on the official Tales of Fantasy website, and Massively, for all the latest details.

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