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Today in WoW: Monday, Aug. 1, 2011


Welcome to a new daily column here on WoW Insider -- well, sorta new. We previously had The Daily Blues, back when the blues actually posted newsworthy stuff all the time (the Ghostcrawler era). But when that content dried up, so did the column.

What we're going to do with Today in WoW is bring you what's going on in the WoW universe via a roundup of relevant posts on WoW Insider, posts on other major sites, and posts by Blizzard's blues. We'll also be covering some of our other favorite games via our sister sites, Joystiq and Massively.

Today in WoW will be evolving, too, so don't be surprised if you see some different things in the next few weeks. We'll eventually settle into a format that works for us and you. One thing to note is that we're not discontinuing The Daily Quest or our Weekly Podcast Roundup. Those columns focus more on the community, and we love to showcase those aspects of the WoW universe. This column will trend toward news and current events.

Blue posts, WoW news from other sites

Trust in Blizzard?

I used to remember the days when Blizzard would swear up and down they would never offer ingame items for real life money. Eventually they did, offering better mounts and pets that are obtainable in game, but it's all good because they're non-combat items right? They swore they would never offer ingame equipment for sale with real life money because it ruins the spirit of the game. Now they've done so with D3.

There are so many other things they said they would never do, like PVE->PVP transfers, both factions on the same server, etc., what reason is there to trust them on anything they say? This is especially true considering everything they've ever changed their mind on directly concerned things that would make them more money.

World of Warcraft and Diablo III are two different game types. Please feel free to read more information about the latest Diablo III information either on our website here-

Or on one of the various media sites that were able to cover the press tour for more information. If you wish to discuss the latest Diablo III news, you can do so on the game forums here, the Diablo forums, or on one of the many fansites and media sites that are covering this topic.

Length of time to get hacked

TL:DR: How long does it usually take to get hacked once your information is taken?

It really just depends, they've been known to use them immediately - or sit on them.

Just depends what their needs are at the moment. There are many things they use stolen accounts for - none of them are 'nice', :(

What happens when you get hacked in D3?
We're not ready to discuss specific account support policies, but in short no small part of the auction house fees goes directly toward supporting the sales that happen. That means guaranteeing that items get from sellers to buyers, the funds transfer, but ultimately helping support and correct any issues that can crop up around it, including account compromise.

But to be clear there's no direct credit card purchases happening. You charge up your balance to buy items from other players in the auction house (or build it up from selling items), but someone wouldn't be able to spend beyond what balance you have, and again we're fully supporting such situations.

We do hope people will take the appropriate precautions to protect their accounts, of course.

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