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Bluetooth keyboard mod resurrects Morse code, offers a helping click to disabled (video)


Morse code may have been pushed aside in the pursuit of higher-tech cryptography, but the old dits and dahs of yore are now finding a repurposed life helping the disabled. Modding outfit Zunkworks has cobbled together an Arduino hack that pairs a Bluetooth-based, dots and dashes approach with wallet-friendly parts. Using the keyboard's two inbuilt push-buttons, users' clicks are decoded by the integrated Arduino and then transmitted via Bluetooth to a nearby computer. And thanks to the mod's HID profile support, you can also enjoy this access solution on smartphones and tablets -- useful for those who can "send code at 25-50 words per minute." Yeah, that's definitely not us. Still, we applaud the group's efforts to make 21st century tech accessible to the handicapped and geek alike. Jump past the break for a video demo of this on / off hackjob.

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