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Firefall is ready to ignite this December [update: beta this month]


Red 5 Studio's upcoming free-to-play shooter, FireFall, will launch this December. The news comes via Red 5's Mark Kern in an interview during the ChinaJoy gaming expo. For those who like a little extra sauce on their launch date news, Kern reconfirmed the date in the FireFall forums.

FireFall, lest you've forgotten, is a massively multiplayer online shooter headed up by lead designer Scott Youngblood. Yeah, the same Scott Youngblood that designed Tribes. And did we mention it's going to be free?

Curious gamers should keep their eyes peeled, as a beta test is slated to roll out sometime before launch.

Update: The Escapist reports that beta will begin accepting more players later this month. Interested players can sign up at the FireFall website.

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