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Paragon Market details unveiled for City of Heroes Freedom

Eliot Lefebvre

Amidst the excitement and apprehension surrounding the release of City of Heroes Freedom later this year, there's an obvious question that must be asked -- what is the cash shop like? After all, for all the features the new hybrid model is promising, it's not going to help much if the cash shop is ridiculous or counterintuitive. Answering precisely that concern, the development team for City of Heroes has put together a preview of the Paragon Market, showing players what to expect once the shop goes live.

Not only will the shop offer players a variety of old pieces at a discounted price (the entire Magic costume set clocks in at roughly $5, with individual pieces available as well), the market will also allow players to buy new features such as dual inspirations, new power sets, and new costume slots. In a game where individual creativity and character customization are king, the idea of adding a dozen more character slots and new costume slots should appeal to pretty much every player.

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