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Americans rule in-flight internet adoption -- for now


It doesn't get more American than gnawing on a doughnut sandwich while watching Toddlers in Tiaras, right? Well, apparently, the only thing more American is engaging in these two acts while connected to in-flight internet. In a recent BBC article, Gogo's Jon Cobin said at least 1,200 commercial aircraft flying over these here amber waves of grain offer up WiFi, while there are only 100 [commercial] flying machines serving on-board connectivity in the rest of the world. Delta's just announced full, fleet-wide WiFi connections on domestic flights, while most other major US carriers offer internet access on all or some of their planes. As the BBC points out, that could have something to do with the slow roll out of satellite-based systems -- many American airlines depend on Gogo's land-based services. Unfortunately for you die-hard patriots, however, acceptance of satellite broadband seems poised to take flight in the near future. At least we'll always have Eden Wood.

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