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ArcheAge videos show off PvP

Jef Reahard

Following ArcheAge here in the West often involves copious use of Google Translate as well as wading through tons of difficult-to-decipher web postings. Fortunately, the player community likes to post gameplay videos from the sandpark title's various Korean closed betas, and today we've stumbled across a couple of noteworthy clips that aren't subject to the whims of online translation.

Both clips center around PvP, and though ArcheAge will feature world PvP in certain areas, the game also boasts battlegrounds for those who prefer less randomness. The first video features a Mage/Bard/Archer player in a skirmish against an invading pirate guild. The second clip takes place inside a battleground and features the same class combo again. There's quite a bit more footage on this one, though, and the 13-minute running time gives us a pretty good look at what it's like to siege a castle. You'll find both videos after the cut.

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