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Comix Zone coming early and free to PlayStation Plussers next week

The next set of bonuses coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers should tickle fans of old-school beat-em'-ups, as well as fans of egregious misspellings. The latest Sega title to serve as an incentive for the premium program is Comix Zone, the 1995 Genesis brawler that was notable for its clever comic-panel backdrop, as well as its inclusion of "Sketch Turner," the worst-named character in the history of written language.

The game will be free for Plus members (and only Plus members) starting August 9, alongside a free DLC pack for Crash Commando and a trial for Far Cry 2. Based on the timing of the past Sega PSN releases, we'd wager Comix Zone will be available for the hoi polloi about one month later.

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