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EVE devs brainstorming nullsec changes

Jef Reahard

EVE Online players have been quite vocal in their disdain for CCP's recent focus on cash shop items, Aurum, and promotions like EVE is Real. The conventional wisdom in some quarters is that the devs are neglecting to work on things that made the sandbox game great and are instead branching off into the netherworld of RMT and social networking.

Enter CCP's latest dev blog, which seeks to convey the message that work continues on New Eden proper -- with particular energy being directed toward EVE's nullsec experience.

CCP Greyscale says that Team BFF has basically set aside discussions of nullsec sovereignty in favor of resource- and industry-based brainstorming. Though much of the blog post is highly theoretical, it's nonetheless interesting to get a brief glimpse behind the curtain, and it's also somewhat reassuring to see that the designers remain focused on the sandbox rather than on how people are paying for it.

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