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HBO Go coming to game consoles, bringing all-you-can-eat HBO to the TV

While you may have been surprised to learn that the Wii was the most popular game console for Netflix users, you should not have been surprised to learn that over "half of all Netflix users connect via a game console," as reported last week. It's similarly unsurprising to learn that Time Warner is looking to expand the reach of its popular HBO Go service from the web and mobile to connected TVs and – cue drum roll, please – video game consoles.

With over 4 million downloads for the mobile apps, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes says, the HBO Go service is considered to be a hit. Subscribers of the premium cable channel can access every episode of HBO's many original series, from Deadwood to The Sopranos to Game of Thrones. Extending access to the television is an obvious next step; however, it's unclear if Time Warner would charge for TV access, like Hulu has with its Hulu Plus offering, or treat all screens the same, also known as The Netflix Strategy.

In addition to the price, we also don't know a date for availability of the service. Tell you what, HBO – let us subscribe to your fancy service and skip the onerous cable TV plan, and you've got yourself a deal!

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