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Study: iPhone users would give up their toothbrushes before their devices


A survey by GPS mobile apps developer TeleNav reveals that 40% of iPhone users would rather give up their toothbrushes for a week than their iPhones. That number compares to 22% of total smartphone owners (Android, BlackBerry, etc.) who said the same thing. What does that mean? Either iPhone users care less about personal hygiene or they really love their iPhones.

The study, which was done for no other reason than so blogs could quote it and mention TeleNav's brand, also reveals that among iPhone users, 35% believe the iPhone reflects their sense of style, 45% have never paid more than a buck for an app, 28% would rather go a week without seeing their partner than their iPhone, and 18% would rather lose their wallet and its contents than their iPhone.

Among total smartphone owners, 70% of people would rather give up alcohol for a week than their smartphone and 33% would rather give up sex. Still not disturbed? You can check out all the obsessive results of smartphone love in this handy infographic.

[via GigaOm]

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