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Verizon announces Android 3.2 update for Motorola Xoom 3G, available today?

Amar Toor, @amartoo

It looks like Motorola Xoom 3G owners will soon be able to reap the same benefits as their WiFi-only brethren, now that Verizon has published more details on a forthcoming Android 3.2 update. According to the company's support page, software update HTJ85 will bring essentially the same features we saw in last month's, exclusively Wi-Fi refresh -- microSD card support, movie rental improvements and, of course, that "zoom to fill screen" option for non-tablet optimized apps. Verizon hasn't announced an official release date for the 15.4MB Honeycomb update, though rumor has it that it could drop as early as today. For more details and installation instructions, check out the pair of PDFs below.

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