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DS adventure game Touch Detective touches down on iOS today


If you're a DS fan from way back, you might remember Touch Detective, a quirky adventure game released by Atlus in 2006. If you missed it back then, you can check it out now on iOS. Developer Beeworks has released the spooky point-and-click today as an episodic iPhone game -- you can get the app for free (iTunes link), and then buy episodes in $3.99 bundles or $8.99 for all of them.

If you do buy all the episodes, you get the new bonus episode "Funghi Breaks Out!" starring the phallic sidekick character from the main game. No, even more phallic than you're thinking. Imagine a character who is a mushroom, but drawn to be as phallic as you could possibly make something by accident, and then a little more phallic than that.

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