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Mine 4 Dead is exactly what you're hoping it is

Justin McElroy

Traveling into the late 80s? Want to take a game that features modern gameplay conceits but an era-appropriate graphical style back with you? Of course, we've all been there. Next time you rev up to 88 mph, you should plan on sliding this custom Minecraft adventure map, Mine 4 Dead, into your DeLorean glove box.

The first episode, Blockhawk Down, has got all the zombie killing and pill gobbling of undead redeadening simulator Left 4 Dead, but with a retro look that won't completely terrify the pre-90s, Debbie Gibson-loving cro-magnons you'll encounter during your chrono-vacation. This brainchild of Chicago artist Kate Ouwenga is available for free right here, but you can see it in action in the video above.

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