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Nintendo 3DS Panda dev model hits Canadian eBay, reminds US how little the dollar is worth

Zach Honig

Have $1,929 Canadian dollars to spare? You can swap those loonies for 2,000 all-American greenbacks, or the current bid on a Nintendo 3DS Panda development model, rounding out its final 24 hours on eBay's Canadian auction site. This "like new" device won't be playing retail 3DS or DS cartridges, but it will grant you access to a variety of development functions. The $2,000 current bid is more than a hair higher than the dev hardware's unconfirmed original price of $324, but if you're desperate to rank among the few gamers that rock 3DS dev hardware, logic probably won't reign supreme when it comes time to hit that bid now button.

[Thanks, Julien]

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