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The Dark Meadow gets grim in teaser clip, Unreal-powered FPS on iOS in August

Justin McElroy

If you know the name Phosphor Games Studio at all, it's likely because the teaser for its upcoming superhero action game, Awakened, made a big impression on you. But you'll have something much more concrete to remember the studio by this month, when The Dark Meadow heads to iOS. Get your first look in the teaser above.

In the Unreal-powered first-person game, you'll try to survive the perils of an abandoned hospital armed only with a sword and crossbow. When you're not flicking and swiping bad guys to death, your skills of observation will be tested as you roam the hospital halls, trying to hunt down a beautiful witch whose death is the secret to your escape (Sounds like my third marriage! Try the veal!).

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