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The OverAchiever: Mountain O' Mounts and the Argent Tournament, part 2

Allison Robert

The Argent Crusade

The Crusade sells a mount, a pet upgrade, a tabard, and the full complement of player heirlooms in the large tent on the western side of the tournament grounds. Before you start spending seals on mounts, you might want to prioritize the purchase of a Crusader's Tabard, which can be used to teleport you to the tournament grounds. If you're serious about getting all of the good stuff from the tournament and you're there every day, the tabard may save you a lot of travel time, but it will also set you back 50 seals. Use your best judgment as to whether the tabard is worth it.
The Crusade quartermaster is Dame Evniki Kapsalis.
  • Argent Charger If you're a paladin, this is an extra mount you can get from the tournament. It's a very cool-looking silver version of the charger used by human, dwarf, and blood elf paladins.
  • Argent Warhorse For everyone else, there's the Argent Warhorse, which is a silver version of the 60% horse that human, dwarf, and blood elf paladins use. Many Crusade NPCs around the coliseum are mounted on an Argent Warhorse if you want to see how it looks, and you'll also saddle up a vehicle version for the daily Battle Before The Citadel.

The Alliance tent is located toward the northeastern side of the coliseum. Within it, you'll find all of the Alliance faction and Silver Covenant quest givers and quartermasters you'll need as an Alliance player.
  • Argent Hippogryph This is sold by any Alliance faction quartermaster and will run you 150 seals. A very attractive mount, but perhaps less compelling to Alliance players, as they have access to the Silver Covenant hippogryph as well.
Night elves The Darnassus quartermaster is Rook Hawkfist.
  • Swift Moonsaber 400 gold at exalted and 5 seals
  • Darnassian Nightsaber 100 seals. This is an armored version of a cat ridden by Sentinels in Darnassus. If you'd prefer the unarmored version, cross your fingers the next time you're in Zul'Gurub, as High Priestess Kilnara drops the Swift Zulian Panther.
Humans The Stormwind quartermaster is Corporal Arthur Flew.
Gnomes The Gnomeregan quartermaster is Rillie Spindlenut.
Dwarves The Ironforge quartermaster is Derrick Brindlebeard. Dwarves are unfortunately saddled with two mounts that look very similar to existing mounts. These are purchases that I honestly wouldn't be tempted to make if it weren't for the Mountain O' Mounts achievement; the differences that do exist are on the subtle side.
Draenei The Exodar quartermaster is Irisee.
  • Great Red Elekk 400 gold at exalted and 5 seals
  • Exodar Elekk 100 seals. In my opinion, this is the most visually interesting elekk model, unless you're a paladin with access to the Exarch's Elekk and Great Exarch's Elekk, which I think we can all agree are significantly better than the regular elekk models.
Worgen Sorry, folks; there's no worgen representation at the tournament, and from what Blizzard's said in the past, there probably won't be. You have to admit, Running Wild is too cool to equal in mount form, but I often wonder -- exactly what would a worgen pet be?

Silver Covenant

This is an Alliance-exclusive faction of high elves led by Rhonin's wife (and Sylvanas' sister), Vereesa Windrunner. The Silver Covenant quartermaster is Hiren Loresong.
  • Quel'dorei Steed 100 seals. Players will recognize this as a recoloration of the Swift Zhevra given to players who participated in the Recruit-A-Friend program during Wrath of the Lich King. These days, flight capability in Azeroth has made it necessary to give people the X-53 Touring Rocket instead, so the Quel'dorei Steed is the closest you'll get to riding the zhevra.
  • Silver Covenant Hippogryph 150 seals. Probably the most visually striking of the hippogryph models currently available to players, though we saw evidence of other options two years ago ...

The Horde tent is located toward the southeastern side of the coliseum. Within it, you'll find all of the Horde faction and Sunreaver quest givers and quartermasters you'll need as a Horde player.
  • Argent Hippogryph As with their Alliance counterparts, each of the Horde faction quartermasters can sell you the Argent Hippogryph for 150 seals.
Orcs The Orgrimmar quartermaster is Freka Bloodaxe.
  • Swift Burgundy Wolf 400 gold at exalted and 5 seals
  • Orgrimmar Wolf 100 seals. As with the Stormwind Steed above, this is the closest you'll get to the now-vanished Swift Horde Wolf from ToC-10, although it's not anywhere near a visual match. You do get the cool Horde symbol shaved/tattooed into the flank of the wolf, though.
Tauren The Thunder Bluff quartermaster is Doru Thunderhorn. As with dwarves, tauren don't really get very visually distinctive options here, which might have something to do with the limitations of the kodo model in general. I really think kodo could use a visual upgrade.
  • Great Golden Kodo 400 gold at exalted and 5 seals. Within the game, I honestly have a lot of difficulty seeing the difference between this and either of the epic kodo mounts on offer by tauren vendors.
  • Thunder Bluff Kodo 100 seals. As above. It's a Great Gray Kodo doppelganger with a slightly different drum color. With respect to home mount selection, tauren and dwarves kind of get hosed at the Tournament.
Trolls The Darkspear quartermaster is Samamba.
Blood elves The Silvermoon quartermaster is Trellis Morningsun.
  • Swift Red Hawkstrider 400 gold at exalted and 5 seals. Blizzard knocked it out of the park with this one. The Swift Red Hawkstrider's among the more visually striking mounts in the game, and it's probably the only "cheap" mount option at the tournament that's more popular than its 100-seal counterpart. I saw an awful lot of this bird during Wrath.
  • Silvermoon Hawkstrider 100 seals. By contrast, this one looks a bit like the Swift White Hawkstrider dropped in Magisters' Terrace, so that might be why the Swift Red is the more popular option.
Forsaken The Undercity quartermaster is Eliza Killian.
  • White Skeletal Warhorse 400 gold at exalted and 5 seals
  • Forsaken Warhorse 100 seals. This turned out to be another popular option during Wrath, possibly because it's the only Forsaken warhorse with striped trappings.
Goblins Sorry, folks; as with the worgen, there's no Bilgewater representation at the tournament.


This is a Horde-exclusive faction of blood elves. The Sunreaver quartermaster is Vasarin Redmorn.
  • Sunreaver Hawkstrider 100 seals. A really pretty-looking mount, but I still saw the Swift Red a lot more, for whatever reason.
  • Sunreaver Dragonhawk 150 seals. This is the only player dragonhawk in the game outside of the one you'll get at Mountain O' Mounts, and I've gotta say: It's pretty badass.

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