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Treyarch behind Wii version of Modern Warfare 3


Not only will the Wii host its own version of Modern Warfare 3, as it did with Black Ops and Modern Warfare Reflex, that waggly version will be made by a company familiar with Call of Duty games: Treyarch. Treyarch is, in fact, more than qualified to make a Wii COD game, as it is the company behind both of those previous releases, as well as World at War.

"The Wii has grown so much as a platform," Infinity Ward spokesman Robert Bowling said on the One of Swords podcast. "The great thing is Treyarch proved that you can have an awesome experience on the Wii with Call of Duty. They'll actually be handling that for Modern Warfare 3." Call of Duty games must sell pretty well on the platform to continue supporting it -- not that we should be surprised about Call of Duty games selling, we suppose.

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