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Ubisoft: From Dust PC will not require constant internet connection


You can expect Ubisoft's PC DRM scheme to remain in the news for as long as it requires a consistent online connection to play, and for as long as its implementation remains inconsistent. The upcoming PC version of Driver: San Francisco will require an importunate online link if you want to keep going, but world-shaper From Dust will not.

Speaking to Joystiq, a Ubisoft representative confirmed that the PC version of From Dust, which should be out on August 17, won't have the DRM cranked to maximum level. "Constant internet connection won't be necessary when playing From Dust's campaign and challenge mode on the PC."

You'll note the specific language there, which may refer to a potential multiplayer mode that was mentioned by From Dust designer Eric Chahi last year. For now, though, we're happy to report that you can keep playing god, even if your connection to our modern deity has faltered.

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