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Final Fantasy Type-0 demo on Japanese PSN August 11


Final Fantasy Type-0 arrives in Japan on October 13, after years and years of waiting -- you might have read about it in history class, under its original name of Final Fantasy Agito XIII. It was first announced as a mobile game in 2006, then officially moved to PSP in 2008, then renamed this year. Now that Square Enix is absolutely certain it's shaken off anyone who might have been paying attention, the publisher is going to release it. In Japan, at least -- no announcements have been made for other territories.

But first, it's planned a demo. Starting August 11, Japanese PSP owners (and anyone with a Japanese PSN account, hint hint) can download the demo, titled "Natsubi," which will both introduce players to the content of the action-RPG and unlock special outfits for use in the final game. Even better, unlike the Dissidia Duodecim demo, this one's free. Even better than that, this one's not called "Prologus."

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