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Google Dictionary slams shut forever, world unsurprisingly at a loss for words

Darren Murph

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   /v. kloʊz; adj., adv. kloʊs or, for 51, kloʊz; n. kloʊz for 59, 60, 63–65, 67, 68, kloʊs for 61, 62, 66/ Show Spelled [v. klohz; adj., adv. klohs or, for 51, klohz; n. klohz for 59, 60, 63–65, 67, 68, klohs for 61, 62, 66] Show IPA verb, closed, clos·ing, adjective, clos·er, clos·est, adverb, noun
verb (used with object)
  1. to put (something) in a position to obstruct an entrance, opening, etc.; shut.
  2. to stop or obstruct (a gap, entrance, aperture, etc.): to close a hole in a wall with plaster.
  3. to block or hinder passage across or access to: to close a border to tourists; to close the woods to picnickers.
  4. to stop or obstruct the entrances, apertures, or gaps in: He closed the crate and tied it up.
  5. (of the mind) to make imperceptive or inaccessible: to close one's mind to the opposite opinion.
  6. Something you can no longer 'Google' and hope to find in Google Dictionary.
[Thanks, Goog]

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