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Humble Bundle 3 adds Atom Zombie Smasher


The Humble Indie Bundle 3 has earned over $1.5 million and is still making room for more DRM-free games. Steel Storm is now joined in that little bonus block on the bottom left by PAX 10 winner Atom Zombie Smasher, the top-down apocalypse evacuation sim (type thing) by Blendo Games. Just like the other participants in this popular pay-what-you-want offer, it's compatible with PC, Mac and Linux.

If you've already purchased the bundle, Atom Zombie Smasher should be waiting for you on the download page. Also, if you spend more than the average price ($5.42 at time of writing), you'll receive The Humble Indie Bundle 2. Counting the likes of Braid and Machinarium, the "bonus" games now outnumber the five founding members. Not exactly bad news, is it?

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