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Make like a tree and check out ArenaNet's Sylvari Week


Forget Shark Week -- it's Sylvari Week! Today on the ArenaNet blog and the Guild Wars 2 official site, ArenaNet announced that in honor of the Sylvari race's being playable at Gamescom later this month, next week (beginning Monday, August 8th) will be Sylvari week.

So what's the schedule looking like for Sylvari week? Well, things will kick off on Monday with ArenaNet artist Kristen Perry discussing the aesthetic of the Sylvari and explaining how it has evolved over time. Tuesday we get writer Angel McCoy talking about how the writing team intends to bring the race to life through its dialogue. Wednesday, Lore and Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee swings by -- with returning guest Kristen Perry -- the ANet blog to to discuss the roots (Ha Ha! Sylvari are trees.) and development of the Sylvari race. Thursday sees the Sylvari page on the official Guild Wars 2 site updated with buckets of new content, and things finally wrap up on Friday as Ree Soesbee returns with a narrative blog post that expands on the lore of the Sylvari even further.

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