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Rumor: Walmart dropping 3DS price early

Though entirely unintentional, Nintendo offered 3DS comparison shoppers a pretty striking choice for their pending handheld purchase: Either pay the full $250 and get 20 free downloadable games, or grab the 3DS on August 12, after the price plummets to $170. Or, if Cheap Ass Gamer's unnamed source is on the level, you could just grab the free games and the discounted price by shopping at Walmart, which will purportedly drop the MSRP on the device on August 9, two days before the free game offer expires.

If Nintendo's offering free games as an act of contrition to early adopters, we wonder what it'll have to dish out if the full-price bonus is given to the partial-price crowd. We also wonder when this hypothetical chain of freebies will be broken! Probably when all Nintendo consoles are free, and come with twenty free games and, oh, here's some pie.

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