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Skyrim collector's edition comes with unlimited dragons, plus one


Bethesda producer Todd Howard has already confirmed an "unlimited number of dragons" in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. At QuakeCon, Howard revealed the Collectors Edition for the title, which comes with a 12" statue of the dragon Alduin perched on a dragon wall. That's one more dragon than you get with the game alone -- or infinity plus one dragons -- making the CE a mathematical impossibility.

Other, less troubling bonuses include a 200-page "coffee table" artbook, and a making-of DVD. It'll be available on the game's November 11 release date at the only slightly less than infinite price of $149.99 US/ €149.99 EU/ £129.99 UK/ $199.99 Australian. And don't forget to pre-order, because if you're splashing out this much for Skyrim stuff, you're pretty much guaranteed to want that cloth map too.

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