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Team Fortress 2 gets to play with classic QuakeCon weapons


Team Fortress 2 just had a futuristic weapons update with Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators, and now Valve is going old-school. To celebrate QuakeCon 2011, which kicked off yesterday in Dallas, TF2 is getting a bevy of Bethesda and id Software gear as part of the QuakeCon Steam Sale (a different deal each day!). The following items correspond with different daily deals, but are all available through 10 a.m. EDT August 8:
  • "The Original" Quake rocket launcher (Soldier), free with Quake IV purchase
  • The Wingstick, based on a RAGE weapon (Engineer), free with RAGE pre-order
  • The Dragonborn helmet from Skyrim (Heavy), free with Skyrim pre-order
  • The Anger hood from Brink (Sniper), free with Brink purchase/ownership
  • A Fallout Pip-Boy (Engineer), free with Fallout: New Vegas purchase/ownership

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