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The Queue: Save me, Blitzcrank!


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mathew McCurley will be your host today. Click my name! Click it! CLICK IT.

This is a warning to all you uppity Queue-goers. I've written you a nice, juicy Queue to sink your teeth into. I combed the questions and your nerdity to answer some good questions. But I don't take no lip. So if you want some, you'll have to get some from my buddy Blitzcrank over here. (Please do not actually come after me; I am but a humble servant to you and The Queue.)

League of Legends: Dominion looks like so much fun.

AdamAldaine asked:

What exactly constitutes a "hero class"? I haven't read a definition that makes it clear. I thought it was a class that could fill all three roles, but that's about the only thing I've been able to determine that it is not.

At this point in the development history of WoW, a hero class is one that's added after the original game shipped. The original plan was that each class would get to branch off into a hero class, making customization even more fine-tuned. So a warrior, for instance, would become a battlemaster or a blademaster or whatever. It was cool when they talked about it but less cool in potential implementation.

Death knights were called a hero class because while they were not more powerful than any other class relatively, they did have a different experience associated with them in that they had a new starting experience, began at a higher level, and were released later into WoW's life cycle.

Being a hero class doesn't really mean anything anymore, and I think when Blizzard does add a new class to WoW, it'll just be "new class!"

Then Proffesor Orc said:

I feel too many are overreacting to the trademarked name. If this does turn out to be the expansion the main villain will probably be Azshara. Also, the continent of Pandaria has never been explored before and more then likely contains things other then Pandaren. We might also get to see Kul Tiras.

If it had to be any way, it would most likely be this. Kul Tiras is a smart next stop in the Alliance's move toward bringing everyone back into the fold. It ties in with the whole "Chris Metzen says something is happening with Jaina" thing, and we will more than likely be seafaring out to wherever Pandaria would be. So yes, if Mists of Pandaria is a thing, this is the closest thing to what it could be that it probably is. Azshara is a good villain choice, and frankly, I'd like some kooky WoW fun for once and not the This is the end of the world again stuff that Cataclysm is rife with.

Ilmyrn asked:

Whatever happened to the Cataclysm zone post-mortems? I was really looking forward to Twilight Highlands, but they seem to have disappeared.

Alex and I got a little behind on them, but the most recent one went up yesterday and Uldum and Twilight Highlands will come up quicker than before. I'm glad you guys are enjoying that feature. It's a fun one to write.

Omacron asked:

Who would win in a fistfight between Chris Metzen and Gabe Newell?

Metzen fights with the shodo-pan. Gabe is the proverbial immovable wall, with strength rooted into the deep earth. There is always stalemate. Then they eat cheeseburgers and talk about story design.

jesskid21 asked:

Q for the Q: How do you remove the panel to the left of your screen that is the WoW raid frames. It really annoys me, and I can't find a way to remove it.

You can use an addon like MoveAnything to hide the Blizzard raid frames, or click the "hide" button in the actual pull-out interface. You will still see the pull-tab thing on the side of your screen if you do it through the default options, however.

That one Joey asked:

Why did blizz remove tree of life form for druids? Honestly, I think it would have been badass if Tree of Life (the original) was the "special" ability you got for picking resto.

I always thought Tree of Life form was pretty cool, but I understand why Blizzard removed it. Druids never, ever saw their armor unless they were out of form in town. Never. Blizzard finally decided that there needed to be one specialization of druid that actually got to look at and see their armor designs -- because, at the end of the day, why should you even design armor for druids who never get to see it? Now, druid healers of all races get to stay in their character-selected forms, check out their cool armor, and have a nifty tree cooldown.

The other big reason, as Pyromelter pointed out in the comments, was that the tree form accompanied an aura, whereas the other forms accompanied an entire style change in abilities and focus. Tree form just applied an aura and made you walk slower (before the movement impairment was removed.)

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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