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    TUAW's Daily iPad App: Diptic


    It's nice to revisit an app that was updated and check out some of the new features. We first looked at Diptic about a year ago and liked it quite a bit. The app takes your photos and lets you arrange them in pre-selected frames. You can chose from different layouts including a top and bottom split, a three-way split and more.

    While the basic controls for image and layout editing have stayed the same, Diptic has added support for the import of photos from Facebook or Flickr and the export of your work to the same online services. It also supports exporting to Posterous so you can share your creations on your blog.

    The import from Flickr and Facebook is easy. You login to the service and authorize Diptic to connect to your account. After you authorize the app once, you can add and remove images without logging in again. The same applies to the export option. One or two clicks to export and your framed photos are sent to Facebook or Flickr, your choice. You can also add in a title, caption and/or tags before you upload.

    When you upload to Posterous, Diptic lets you add a title, body and tags. You can also toggle auto post on/off so you can decide to post right away or save the post in drafts for review later. The export feature works great. In a click or two, my framed photo was on my blog. If you have Posterous connected to Twitter or Facebook, your photo will be shared with those beyond your blog.

    Diptic is available for US$1.99 from iTunes. A 99-cent in-app purchase can be used to buy more layouts. It's a universal app that works on the iPhone and the iPad.

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