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Video App Demo: Temple Run


Temple Run is an exemplary "pick up and play" game which will take you back to the days of Pitfall or (for you younger cats) Mirror's Edge or Canabalt. Like those running games, your job is to just keep running. But in Temple Run you're running through a maze of pathways in the ruins of an ancient temple somewhere -- a setting not unlike the first Indiana Jones, really. The great graphics and solid gameplay make this one a fun, simple game to play anytime.

As you can see below, the interaction is straightforward. As you're running your job is to swipe left/right to turn onto the paths, and up/down to jump or slide over and under obstacles. Things getting progressively faster, so you'll find those twitch muscles warming up fast. There are some other surprises, like powerups and a few environments as well. Take a look at the short demo below to get a taste of what Temple Run has to offer. Note that this was an early version of the game (taped in June 2011) and the YouTube demo video shows a bit more polish on the game.

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