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Borderlands 2, starring Salvador the dwarf and a dump of new details


Borderlands 2 is bumpin' up the brutality with new details, courtesy of the latest issue of GameInformer. Co-op will remain four-player, but the enemy and NPC AI has been revved to support a more interactive environment, with friendlies offering dialogue and bandits carrying weapons unique to their class. Eridium, a new element, will serve as currency and a means of upgrading weapons and vehicles, we assume by duct-taping it to whichever item you wish to improve.

The original Borderlands characters will be NPCs in the Gearbox sequel, but we do have a small amount of details on a new character, the dwarf Salvador, who is pictured above. A Gunzerker, Salvador will be able to dual-wield any weapon, all while sporting a sweet beard. Borderlands 2 will use all new weapons, each designed to fit the personalities of their in-game manufacturers, and the story will feature dynamic missions, making factors such as time critical to your success.

Borderlands 2 is expected to launch in Take-Two's fiscal year 2013, which begins April 1, 2012. But most importantly, Claptrap will be back, we hope with some new dance moves.

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