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DC Universe Online rolling out megaservers on Monday

Eliot Lefebvre

DC Universe Online has been quiet on the announced megaservers for quite some time, but it turns out that the update is just around the corner. Specifically, the new server structure will be going into effect on Monday, and players have been given a brand-new developer diary on the benefits and the procedure to help get everyone up to speed. In short, it's more people on servers and more people to group up with, albeit still segregated between PC and PS3 players.

Character names will have to be changed in some cases, but the system being used ensures that characters whose names are changed will also receive a free subsequent change if they want. According to comments, the determination will essentially be comparing hours played -- so if you have two characters with the same name on active accounts, but one's been active since launch, the older character will get to keep the name. While it's not quite the cross-platform servers many players had hoped for, it should help bolster the population of each game server as a whole.

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