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Rice University chemists bake graphene out of Girl Scout cookies, redefine low-carb diets (video)


Would you like some cookies? Well, you're gonna have to buy them, and then get thee to a Rice University chem lab, stat! The Texas institution of higher learning recently played host to Girl Scouts Troop Beverly Hills 25080, turning their om nom carbohydrated delights into billion dollar graphene. Resident scientist James Tour gathered his gaggle of grad students for a hands-on demo, walking the future Phyllis Neflers through the transformative steps that convert carbon-based material (see: a box of Samoas), into $15 billion worth of scientific loot -- or as one astute troopster put it, "... a lot of cash." Indeed it is young lady, but something tells us your well-earned Science in Action badge won't go too well with those cookie-bought Louboutins. Skip past the break for the full video and a little "Cookie Time" nostalgia.

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