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FBI releases its first iPhone app: Child ID


The FBI has released it first iPhone app called Child ID. As the name suggests, Child ID works as a kind of digital passport for information about your children. With it you can store their photos along with physical identifiers such as height and weight. The app has several intended uses, the first a which is as something you can quickly show a security official to help identify your child if they go missing, say at an airport or a theme park. The app also has allows you to call 911 with the tap of a button and also call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. You can also choose to email your child's information to authorities.

For those of you worried over privacy concerns, the FBI states on its website that the app does not collect or store any photos or information you enter into the phone. Everything resides locally on your iPhone until you choose to send that information to the authorities. Child ID is a great start, but one issue I had with the app is that there is no way to set a passcode on it. If you're storing information that could identify your children, it would be nice to lock the app should it fall into the wrong hands.

Child ID is a free download for the iPhone, and the FBI says it will be coming to other mobile devices in the future.

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