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Japanese hardware sales, July 25 - July 31: Mortal Kombat history lesson edition

Jordan Mallory

The folks at NetherRealm Studios have formed a habit of slathering rich, thick nostalgia all over the compatibility packs they periodically issue for Mortal Kombat, and up until this point each pack has been a veritable pallet-swap parade of klassic kostumes and fond memories from a bygone era. Earlier this week, however, news broke of an upcoming compatibility pack which harbors "Retro Cyber Sub-Zero" in its trojan-horse like belly, and that ish ain't canon.

It's so not-canon, in fact, that our entire concept of reality shattered into a million tiny pieces. We were so distraught over this heresy, that we did a little digging to see if any of the Mortal Kombat mythos can be trusted, and it may shock and astound you to learn that some of your favorite characters don't even exist.

Straight up. Rain, for example, was essentially photoshopped into Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 cinematics by Ed Boon, and was only made playable later in Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Skarlet comes from an even less substantial background, with Boon telling PlayStation Blog that "there was never a glitch that turned Kitana red, that never existed. That was just an urban legend like Animalities and Ermac."

We don't even know who we are anymore.

- PSP: 36,659 [UP] 9,805 (36.51%)
- PS3: 20,704 [DOWN] 2,639 (11.31%)
- Wii: 18,232 [UP] 4,115 (29.15%)
- 3DS: 16,415 [DOWN] 15,411 (48.42%)
- DSi LL: 5,267 [UP] 9 (0.17%)
- DSi: 4,625 [DOWN] 296 (6.02%)
- Xbox 360: 1,616 [UP] 70 (4.53%)
- PS2: 1,594 [UP] 119 (8.07%)
- DS Lite: 138 [DOWN] 17 (10.97%)
- PSP Go: 7 [DOWN] 7 (50.00%)

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