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Firefall Faire burning a path to Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

Final Fantasy XIV has just rolled out patch 1.18a, but that's not the only hot item for the game's players. The newest holiday event is just around the corner, celebrating the summer heat in extravagant fashion -- specifically, with a host of the series' recurring fire elementals, the bombs. The Firefall Faire is landing on Thursday, and bringing with it a chance for players to not just pick up swimsuits of many hues, but a custom wallpaper to commemorate the event.

Running through August 29th, the event will task players with extinguishing several Bombards by enraging them and luring them to their doom. Players who successfully complete the task will have access to a swimsuit, but further participation allows players to uncover more varieties of swimwear. Unlocking all of the possible colors will grant players access to a special wallpaper via the Lodestone, a nice way to commemorate the holiday's event. It's not another dungeon just yet, but it should keep the fire lit under FFXIV's players for the duration.

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