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Bracketron iTilt: An inexpensive iPad stand that gets the job done


Since the debut of the iPad last year the TUAW blogger team has seen just about every type of iPad stand, from a cardboard tape roll with a slot on the cheap end of the spectrum to the heavy and somewhat expensive Stabile PRO stand on the opposite end. Now a new entrant, Bracketron (which sounds vaguely like it should be an NCAA basketball bracket picker app) has come out with an inexpensive and very functional iPad stand called the iTilt.

The US$19.95 iTilt isn't the most beautiful iPad stand I've ever seen, but it does what it's supposed to do: hold up an iPad in a variety of positions so you can use it. You can use the iTilt with just about any case installed on your iPad or iPad 2, so if you've purchased that $260 Vaja iVolution Top Crystal case with the embedded Swarovski crystals, you still have a stand that will work for you.

The stand is dead simple in design, and strangely enough it resembles this LEGO-based iPad stand.There's a fold-out plastic piece with grooves cut into it that sits flat on the table, and a hinged metal piece fits into the grooves to adjust the angle of the stand. To carry it in a backpack for school or a briefcase for the office, it folds flat.

The iTilt isn't fancy, but it gets the job done. I'll take inexpensive functionality over pricey glitz any day. You can pick up an iTilt at an amazing array of retailers, including Best Buy, Target, and most office supply stores.

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