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Daily iPhone App: Temple Run


The latest title from popular iOS developers Imangi Studios (creators of Harbor Master and Max Adventure) is called Temple Run, and was released to the App Store last week. We've watched the development of this one pretty closely -- I saw an early version of it at GDC, and we saw it again later on in the year, as well as in Imangi's own promotional footage.

It's a running game in the style of Canabalt, though it features 3D graphics and a behind-the-back perspective rather than a 2D side-scroller engine. Gameplay is a little more complex than other titles of this ilk, too: You swipe to the left or right to turn, and swipe up or down to either jump or duck under logs in your path.

The action's hectic and fun, with a Simon kind of feel, as you swipe ever faster trying to dodge all of the obstacles in your path. You can also tilt your device to collect coins on the left or right, and those coins can then be used for upgrades, offering a little progression system (as well as a way for Imangi to offer convenience-based in-app purchases). Playing the game once will probably show you all it has to offer, but then begins the score chase, made even more intriguing by Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

Temple Run is another quality title from the husband-and-wife team at Imangi, one you definitely shouldn't miss if you're a fan of this genre or this developer. It's on the App Store now for just US 99 cents.

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