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'Destiny' and 'Be Brave' trademarks officially in Bungie's hands

Justin McElroy

We're still in the dark about Bungie's next game, but if it's nearly as compelling as the team's current project, "Guess Our Next Game," we're all in for a treat. Today's update comes from Halo.Bungie.Org, which reports that "Be Brave" and "Destiny" (previously trademarked to a dummy corporation owned by Bungie staffers) are now the official property of the company.

But wait, we've got more than legal maneuverings here! Misriah Solutions has put together a wonderfully thorough scouring of the new Bungie vidoc "O Brave New World" filled with plenty of eagle-eyed observations and just a little bit of conjecture.

Also, guys? It's a Call of Duty game. Accept it, embrace it, move on.

[Thanks, Josh.]

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