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EA bringing Theme Park, Battlefield 3 to iOS

According to Pocket Gamer, EA's taking a scattershot approach to succeeding on the iOS platform with two of its recently revealed upcoming releases. The first is Battlefield 3, which EA wasn't keen to share any details about -- though the safe bet is that the game will resemble the iOS version of the series' last installment, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The second is Theme Park, a new version of the 1994 amusement park management sim which is absolutely nothing like Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

No release details beyond "later this year" were given to Pocket Gamer, though both titles will be playable on the show floor of Gamescom next week. We can't wait to fluidly switch between the two, heating up our blood with a round of evildoer-shooting followed by a cool-off period in the Bouncy Castle.

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