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Fallen Earth 1.9.2 debuts tomorrow, expands fast travel options

Jef Reahard

There's a lot going on in the wasteland these days, and the Fallen Earth dev blog updated with a bird's eye view of all the shenanigans over the weekend. First and foremost, the 1.9.2 patch is on the way (it's currently scheduled for tomorrow, in fact), and the blog entry has the patch notes ready for your perusal.

Along with the requisite combat, skills, and recipe updates, the big news is the expansion of the game's fast travel mechanics. Players are now able to zip between certain LifeNet pod locations, with additional destinations becoming available as LifeNet's supplies are restocked. The fast travel system necessitates mission turn-ins at each pod location that a player wishes to use, and the mechanic also features level, chip, and knowledge requirements.

That's not all there is to 1.9.2, of course, and the update notes are pretty extensive. Head to the Fallen Earth dev blog to read new info on progress towns, mission updates, and a laundry list of other tweaks.

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