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Microsoft's designing women want to dress you up in wearable tech love (video)


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Microsoft's no slouch when it comes to market expansion, with personal computing, mobile and even gaming under its Redmond wing -- but fashion? Well, it's time for pigs to fly because two of MS' very own took home Best Concept and Best in Show for their Printing Dress creation at the 15th Annual International Symposium on Wearable Computers. The dress, created by MS Research's Asta Roseway and the Xbox division's Sheridan Martin Small, incorporates a laptop, projector, four circuit boards and laser-cut, typewriter-shaped buttons into a black and white rice paper design. Wondering what all the gadgetry is for? Stressing the need for accountability in our age of anonymous, digital communication, the duo's winning entry aims to have us all wearing what we tweet -- literally, as messages typed via the bodice-sewn keys display on the gown's lower half. It might seem a far-fetched goal now, but these "eRenaissance women" hope to lure tech back from the "cold, unyielding" brink and into the warmth of a "human age." Jump past the break for a video peek at this ethical couture.

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