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Sixaxis Controller app lets controllers and certain Android devices play nice together


Dancing Pixel Studios has heard the call of people looking for traditional control input on touch-based devices. The studio has released a new app for Android devices called Sixaxis Controller -- guess what it does? Yup, it allows you to use your Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controller on Android phones and tablets. (Great guess!)

Of course, it's not that simple: The app only works on rooted Android devices and is largely incompatible with HTC and some newer Samsung hardware. Also, there are some other steps one must take prior to enjoying this tryst, like connecting the device to a Windows PC with a USB cable. But if you do get it up and running, you can connect up to four controllers to one device and custom configure your buttons.

You can purchase Sixaxis Controller from the Android marketplace right now for $1.67, but we'd suggest trying Dancing Pixel's other free app first, Sixaxis Compatibility Checker, to see if your hardware is up to snuff.

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